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Posted on 21/11/2020  
Request your free V.I.P
; VIPSystem
; Additions
VSAdditionalLivesItem.amxx            ; gives additional lives
VSAmmoAndGrenadesItem.amxx            ; gives ammo and all grenades
VSArmorItem.amxx                    ; gives armor
VSBecomeTerroristItem.amxx            ; changes team for terrorists
VSGravityItem.amxx                    ; set gravity
VSIncreaseScoreItem.amxx            ; increase score
VSInvisItem.amxx                    ; gives invisibility
VSLongJumpItem.amxx                ; gives longjump
VSReserveSlot.amxx                    ; allows to add reserve slots for vips
VSSpawnArmor.amxx                    ; gives armor in respawn
VSSpawnGrenades.amxx                ; gives all grenades in respawn
VSVipChat.amxx                        ; adds a private chat for vips
VSVipPrefix.amxx                    ; adds prefixes [VIP] in the chat
VSVipPrefixAndGreenChat.amxx        ; adds prefixes [VIP] in the chat and text message is green
;VSVipPrefixColoredTranslit.amxx    ; adds prefixes [VIP] in the chat. Compatible with ColoredTranslit
VSVipsOnline.amxx                    ; show vips online
VSVipSpeed.amxx                    ; sets the vip speed with any weapon
VSVipStatus.amxx                    ; show vip status in table
VSVipModel.amxx                    ; give model

( type your password in the console setinfo _pw "pass"   for player no-steam ) or player steam give steamid

the password will be sent by private message by chiken

it's up to you to make a new post and ask for your vip

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